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Reasons why you should Travel with your Partner

Traveling is the best gift you can choose for each other. Nothing can weigh in front of the time which you spend together. Traveling as far as we can remember is the journey of some of vo pyar vali mulakatein, khatti-meethi baatein, aur uske baad ki garam chai vali raatein. In other words, it is a journey where people experience lovely meetups, tease each other, have late night conversations on tea and much more. The memories last for life long and are the biggest treasure one can earn. Even today, I’m still happily rattling off to all my friends about the infinite travel adventures that we’ve been through and I know that this is something that I will never stop doing. Just think if the experience is timeless with friends, how would it be with your partner. I read it somewhere, it not about the hurdle but getting through it. Same applies to relationship too, its not about fighting but how fast you rebound back.

Some people even say that they would never marry someone until and unless they have tried traveling with them. Whoever said that knew that traveling with someone is THE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP test. Traveling brings out the best and the worst in every person, makes a person fumble and breath openly and enable us to see each other beyond the daily routines. You see each other go through highs and lows and everything else in between. Traveling doesn’t mean going for weekend together or a 5-day stay in an all-inclusive resort. Beyond it, it means to go as a backpacker together where you both navigate through maps, lose directions, stay with locals, walk to eat, dive into river, climb the mountain, sense the adversities, stroll through markets, breath the nature, witness the sunsets & sunrises, pray in temple, fight with each other and for each other.

It’s about being with each other 24/7, through the good and bad. One of the bad habits I have is I cannot control my anger and being hungry, makes me h-ANGRY. On the other side, my partner is an ocean od calmness and patience. We have seen each other through bad stomachs, high fevers, anger, bad mood swings, mosquitos’ stings, stinky clothes and 24-hour transit days.

The truth is, traveling with your partner is hard. It takes commitment, a lot of patience, a determination to stay together, never give-up attitude before a lot of love.

One of my best moments I had was of him proposing and saying, ‘I’m best for you except I’m little fat. Please take care of it’. I’m a very possessive girl and him ordering me for no extra-marital affairs won my heart. He has taken care of my insecurities, mood swings and had made me a better version of myself. Quite frankly, there’s nothing better than knowing your partner loves you through your worst and motivates you to be your best version. We all are complete in our own manner. Find a partner who complements you, with whom you can share your life, your darkest secrets and still be you.

So, to all the ladies, Sorry, he’s mine.

Are ready to know why should you travel with your partner?

    1. Traveling strengthens the relationship

"When you meet someone, fall in love and start a relationship, everything seems very exciting. Someone has said, infatuation is the first stage of love where every small thing feels nice. This is also because your life is making a change by the entry of the person. But over time when you get used to your partner, the excitement declines. One need some spark to keep relationship alive. Example, if you do something exciting (novel and challenging) with your partner, that excitement gets associated with the partner and relationship,"

Did you ever imagine skydiving? Do it! Did you ever imagine camping at a National Park? Do it! Do you have a bucket list? Do it! Do you have any fears? Conquer together. When you reach beyond your comfort zone with your partner you have someone you trust to lean on and help you learn and do something you thought you would never do in your lifetime. Relationship is about covering each other while being each other strength.

    2. Traveling brings the right personality When you travel, the unexpected always happens when you least expect it because you are at your most relaxed state, so what happens when you get pushed to the limit and let your true colors shine? Do you love your partner when they are making consecutive mistakes? Do you love your partner when they are so mad, they make noises you never knew existed? Do you love you partner when they fumble? Do you love your partner when they have nasty habits? Just think about it. You get to learn more about each other, the real characteristics of the person you are dating and even yourself. In the end, no body is perfect but are they perfect for you or not is a question. People who truly love you will always accept your imperfections and will always see you as perfect.

    3. Learn Each Other’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether you have been dating a month, one year, or married for five years, you can always learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s not about the duration but strength. The longest of relationships falls apart just because of weak bond. Can you apply one person’s strength with the other one’s weakness? I was afraid of heights and water. My partner had already conquered his fears and helped me to gain confidence on those. That’s the kind of relationship which you will look for. Always try to be his/her best friend and show empathy. Learn to understand without the exchange of words.

    4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We all love traveling because of the surprises it kicks in in our life. But it is not always that picture perfect vacation. Things will happen out of nowhere when you least expect them to. Your airline loses your luggage, your tire got punctured in the middle of the road, you lose your wallet, you missed your flight, you broke into bad fight the list goes on. Can you work together to solve the problem, make things work or will you bicker at each other under the stress? Remember its not about fighting with each other but fighting as a team. The joy of getting through the incident is much bigger than the incident itself. Furthermore, it will be added as a special memory in your ‘Safarnama’ or travel journal.

Whether you have plan it in advance or plan the unplanned, make it happen together. Traveling helps you to come as a strong couple increasing understanding and reducing any communication gap. The essence is to live every moment, embrace each other and keep believing in the bond.

    5. Traveling Improves Intimacy

Traveling allows you to learn what your partner really loves to do. Playing pub-g or walking by schedules or favorite movie is what even our best friend knows. Even when you have a "spare night in" to watch a movie or prepare meals together, you're probably still also texting, checking Instagram, and ordering Seamless. But when you're traveling together, you may not even have access to Wi-Fi, soooo ... then what? You learn how you operate as a couple when you have literally no one to talk to but each other.

Take the opportunity to travel together understand his/her perspective towards life, rediscover your relationship and what they really love to do. After all, it's just you guys — no friend dates, no job to go to during the day, no fitness classes— so you're better able to observe him or her in a totally unfiltered, purest-of-the-pure way.

Happy Traveling