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Kodachadri - A Break from City Life with Safarnama

A known stranger (Ex-company colleague whose name I couldn’t even recall at that time asked me to join on trek). To my own revelation, I replied positively which reflected my soul was looking for something adventurous and unusual. After Shredding 15 kg in the past few months, here I was, challenging myself once again to see whether I can reach the summit. The fight was deeper, internal as I was battling with the person who was not able to reach even the first hill in Tadiandamol Hills few months back. D-day came and with great excitement and courage, I boarded the bus from MG road at 7:30 PM, ignoring the fact that the person who was supposed to accompany me may not even be able to board the bus. In the past two hours, I had arranged everything which could have proven to be essential along with my laptop. Being shopaholic, I even got the perfect clothes for the trek. Furthermore, I packed some salt too as a precaution against leeches.

Now I was there in the bus, hoping for others to turn up on time in heavy rains of Bangalore. One of the Outdoor Leaders (ODL) asked me to join the rest of the group who were interacting with each other down the bus waiting for others. I was busy working on a presentation. After a few minutes, the journey of self-exploration started. ODL introduced themselves as an ice-breaking session to get us familiarized with each other for the next two days. Everyone started charting out their details with full excitement. So, did I, which was ‘A break from City life’. We stopped for dinner and then at some random place in the morning. After a hectic night where I was working till 2:30 AM and failed to send the presentation, I got off the bus at 6:00 AM at the 2nd stop just to experience the cool-refreshing breeze on my face. Bus started in 5 minutes and after the driver and a few people had their morning Chai. People settled out their respective seats, but to my anxiousness, I still had to send the presentation. One of the ODL, named Saurabh offered his internet as hotspot but his mobile was on the verge of getting discharged. One of the other participants offered his type-C data cable and again a failed struggle started to send the presentation. Meanwhile, I interacted with Saurabh and understood I’m with responsible ODL for the trek which gave me more confidence to win the summit.

In the morning we reached, satisfied our empty stomach and then started the trek. Saurabh was leading the trek and other ODLs were following him up. Since this battle was with inner self, I stayed ahead mostly with Saurabh. We started with forest where we were more prone to leeches. I still can recall people shouting leeches and ODL calling out to stay together as one group which mirrors with the instructions from the start of trek. After a continuous trek of more than two hours, we arrived at ‘Hidlumane falls’ where we stayed over an hour bathing in cold shivering water. This feeling of letting us lose in Mother Nature was different. I felt alive. Then again, we resumed our trek to the most difficult part of terrain and had two stopping points at ‘Butter mane point’ and 'Lunch point’.

The hours passed and so was I, getting nearer to my goal. The view across the hills was exceptional, we were literally trekking in the clouds. All the tiredness just vanished and all we could feel was submerged in nature’s beauty. The feeling of being alive got deeper and deeper. Finally, we reached the “Sarvajna peetha”, the end. The view was lucid. Most of us were tired till now. But I still was looking for more. I took a deep breath, looked around, found one more point where the flag was hoisted– which was a dead point. I talked to one of the ODL and he mentioned, we can go over there and see Arabian Sea. My eyes sparkled like a child. Within the next 15 minutes, we hugged this point and there I had a feeling of fulfilment, a feeling of victory, a feeling that can’t be described but only felt. I was at peace with myself.

One side there was a spectacular view of Arabian sea and another side to my astonishment, was a rainbow in the clouds. We could even see our own shadows in the clouds. We stayed there for half an hour, captured the sunset with our DSLR and returned by jeep. The ride was nothing less than a roller coaster where our heads bumped multiple times to roof. After taking a hot bath and food, we all had a delightful time during the bon-fire, the bond among us got stronger. Next day was spent at Nagara fort and followed up by lunch. There comes an end to the journey. We returned from Bangalore with a bunch of good friends, hundreds of photos and unforgettable memories. To end with where I started, my presentation was sent on time and my known-stranger friend was a stranger after the trip. But what mattered over here I won. Thanks, Safarnama for making this trek a huge success. Looking forward to another thrilling experience with you someday. God blesses.